With the demise of the then traditional manual operations and the introduction of the continuous process within the steel industry in South Wales, it was necessary to look to fresh horizons.

Fortunately I married a Stafford girl during World War II and I applied and was accepted for the position of Accountant with Vik Supplies - then part of Lotus. I commenced my duties after the August bank holiday in 1950. My baptism was such that the former accountant had been ill for a few months and the accounts were in a state of disrepair to say the least.

The move to the Common Road site was undertaken when 'Vik' was taken over by Evode. Following the re-organistation of the divisions within Evode and their formation as subsidiaries, I was appointed as Company Secretary of Vik. This position I held until the Company moved to the Louis Holt factory at Leicester in 1977.

Upon my return after 6 months on secondment involved with the integration of Vik and Louis Holt, the Group external auditors expressed the need for an internal auditor to take care of the day to day scrutiny of financial and non financial matters and for a period of 2 - 3 years this became my responsibility.

Over the years the Evode Group Pension Trust had grown to such an extent that from a part-time 'adhoc' basis it needed an accountant to deal with the financial transaction and this position I held until I retired at the end of July 1988.

Thus ended, happy, enjoyable and rewarding years in the company of some delightful people.