David Tyson

Evode History Project.

1st October 1970 - 31st March 2009

Started work in the Site Services Department as a Plumber / Pipe Fitter Welder On !st October 1970 at the age of 26 years,

When I started work at Evode the section supervisor was Harry Marchant, with Harry Burton being the Electrical Superintendent, he was over the Site Services Department, working within the section was Ray Davies, John Hughes, Terry Lycett and Dominic Dellicompagni , along with Electricians, Peter Simmons, Norman Wootton ,Andy Quieney , Lionel Curry, Len Woodward and Joe Higgins. plus 3 boiler men, .Fred Coughlan ,Alf Dellicompagni and Jock the Scot.

Spent 19 years as a tradesman installing new plant and maintaining production plant and equipment, some of the projects were:

Major pipelines for the manufacture of Flashband in Building 3 and 11.
Installed process pipe work for the new Evacor Resins plant .
Resin W Plant within the new Bl 35 Mastics Factory
Installing two new Steam Boilers designed for Coal Firing including the provision of a large underground Coal storage bunker and Coal transporting pipelines.
Converting Coal Fired Boiler to fire on Gas ,
Installation of Preheating recouperatorson No 2 Boiler
Installation of Cooling Tower Plants in all major production area’s

My first meeting with Dr Simons was in the Boiler House, which the he was very proud of as it was a relatively new building.

I was stood in the Boiler house in front of No 3 Boiler smoking my pipe when to my surprise Dr Simons came in through the back door , and he lit up his cigar , he asked me what I was doing, I quickly told he that I was putting the Boiler through it’s Pre -Insurance pressure checks, He said , Very interesting I will stop a watch you...

I explained to him what I was doing ,that being blowing off the pressure relief valves. No 1 should blow at 103 psi and No 2 at 105 psi as required by the Insurance Inspector. Thankfully for me they did blow off at the required pressure, the Doctor thanked me,

Shook my hand and went on his way, he was a true gentleman


Was appointed to the position of Team Leader of Mechanical / Site Services reporting to Harold Holdcroft


Evode Ltd was acquired by Laporte Chemicals.

Worked with John Daves, project co-ordinator up grading Site Buildings, Plant and Equipment.


Following the acquisition by Elf I was appointed as Senior Engineering Supervisor over the Engineering / Site Services Department reporting to Frank Hinchley


Appoint as Mechanical / Site Services Manager reporting to Tom Leadbetter. Operations Manager, Stafford Site.


Following the Merger of Elf and Total Fina a new company Bostik Findley was formed. During that year I was appointed as Engineering / Site Services Manager, Stafford Site, reporting to Tom Leadbetter, Operations Director for Bostik UK.


Worked as Engineering/ Site Services Manager for 13 years until my retirement in March 2009.