I started in the Twinstik Dept. Previously I was a milkman. My first meeting with the Doctor was when I ran into the back of his Roller with my milk float and when I first met him as an employee on his Friday factory walk abouts that was the first thing he remembered, and from that day on he called me Mr Milkman!

I remember when one of the lads I worked with in the Twinstik Dept. Had a financial problem due to a marital break up, the Doctor on his usual walkabout noticed that he was not his usual self and asked him, he took him to one side and the next thing he has a cheque and was able to pay the company back at £1 a week. I also remember when me and Fred woodman were doing a Fire Duty which entailed a walk about after working hours, we were checking the offices and happened to pass the Doctors office we went in and decided to play at being the “boss” I sat down at his desk and put my feet on the desk, took a cigar out of his box (did not unwrap or smoke it) and pretended to smoke it and to give orders. Whilst doing so the Doctor walked in, he pointed his finger at the door, not saying a word we fled. We worried the next day thinking we were for the chop, but never a word was said, and the next time the Doctor came round he just looked at me and pointed his finger at the door, smiled and walked out.

The Bar.B.Q’s at the club when we used to dress up in fancy dress and the parade round and the works dances which were wonderful. We once went to London to a darts final. All the top dart players were there Eric Bristow & co., I am sure it was sponsored by Evode. We all had gold T-shirts and we had a good meal and a drink - all free.

I remember the cleanest Dept competitions every month. There was prizes, Twinstik Dept won nearly every one. We were good.

I remember when we used to have a float in the Stafford Pageant. Good old days

I am sorry that I have not a lot to write about I am very good with my mouth but poor at putting it into words, I would like to say I feel privileged to have worked for Dr Simon, and wonderful boss and man.

18 August 2000