In 1949 I joined the Lotus organisation as a Lotus/Vik management trainee under their trainee scheme in Stafford which was then in operation. I spent two years in Stafford and on completion of my training, returned to Dublin where I was appointed to the staff of Lotus (Eire) Ltd/Vik (Eire) Limited with responsibility for range building, quality control, and production control of Lotus shoes which were then being manufactured under license in Ireland, and at the same time I had responsibility for servicing the Vik accounts who were mostly shoe manufacturers purchasing their adhesives and various other materials from Vik (Stafford).

The stock control and importation of the various Vik materials were also part of my responsibility.

In 1955, a government decision to restrict importation of adhesives into Ireland, except on payment of duty created a new situation and a decision was then taken by Dr Simon to set up a manufacturing unit at Swords in County Dublin. Coincidental with this was the responsibility of manufacturing Lotus shoes was transferred to another company, and as a consequence I was fully committed to joining the new company in Ireland - Evode Industries.

My responsibilities were to build turnover in the shoe trade for adhesives, toe puffs and various items of shoe machinery.

I need hardly dwell on the development and growth of Evode Industries under Mr Ken Wood. In 1962 it was a source of some satisfaction to me to be asked to join the Board of Evode Industries with Mr Wood.

In 1966 a new factory was built to accommodate the increasing growth of turnover, and on completion of this factory Mr Wood decided, for personal reasons, to leave Ireland.

The Board of Evode Industries then paid me the compliment of asking me to accept the position of General Manager, and in 1968 I became Managing Director of Evode Industries, a position I held until my retirement in 1992.

Frank Lynch