Linda Logan

Prior to joining Evode I had worked for several companies always involved in sales, firstly in customer services departments and moving on later into the field as a Sales Representative. My first job in sales was at 21 when I had the opportunity to work in Germany and spent nearly 2 years working for AEG-Telefunken, an experience I would not have missed for anything. After working for many years in internal sales, I made the move into field sales at Bat Building Products Ltd., who later merged with Expamat Ltd., the Company I worked for until I joined Evode.

I started with Evode on 31st January 1991 as an Area Representative in the Building and Homecare Division. I was then the only female member of the sales force. I was employed by Greig Ferguson and Alan Talbot who both jokingly told me they were 'ahead of their time' as regard equal opportunities for women.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Evode and despite the changes over the last few years there are still some great characters left within the Company, and I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with them.