On 8th December 1958 I joined Evode Limited at Glover Street as an Exhibition Panel Painter. I soon found out what a great gang of people worked at Glover Street, who always looked out for you, and helped you, - but also had a wicked sense of humour. Such as the day I came to cycle home for lunch only to find my bicycle had gone missing. I spent all lunch searching every nook and cranny without success. Mid afternoon, Dr. Simon arrived on one of his many visits, walked into the factory and retorted in a loud voice "WHAT IS THAT?" Low and behold there was my bicycle secured to the roof rafters. "That's my bike, thank you for finding it" I replied. The Doctor saw the funny side of it, but it was never repeated.

In 1960/61 I started travelling the length and breadth of the country demonstrating epoxy floor screed and toppings, until an industrial skin disease forced me to take up a position in Production Planning where I worked with Clive Davey.

My next move was into Sales, working as Sales Office Supervisor in the newly formed Builders Merchants Sales Division, headed by Mr. Harvey Liss. When all the Sales Offices were centralised, I was appointed Sales Administrator Supervisor and subsequently Deputy Sales Administrator.

During this time, along with helpers I annually organised a children's Christmas party, and visits to Wolverhampton Grand Theatre pantomimes for the older children. Where I attended pre-launch lunches, meeting and being photographed with lots of stars.

After the visit to the Company by HRH Princess Anne, we did our half yearly meeting of Managers and the Board, where Nigel Crouch gave a slide show of the Royal visit. When it came to the photograph of HRH Princess Anne talking to me, Nigel enquired "Ron, what was Princess Anne saying to you" to which I jokingly replied "She said how excited and overwhelmed she was at meeting me!!"

On 1st April 1988 I was invited to take over the reigns from Don Ferguson as Secretary of the Evode '25' Club, the duties of which I have performed for the last 10 years.