I started my career at Evode by working for Mr Barrie Liss for about 3-4 weeks. Although I had originally applied for the position of Secretary to Dr Hermann Simon, the vacancy had already been filled and, after sensing how nervous and afraid employees seemed to be if they were in contact with him, I was mighty glad that I had missed the opportunity of working for him!

However, after 3-4 weeks Mr Liss must have had enough of me and knowing how dissatisfied Dr Simon was with his new Secretary, he recommended me!

I can still recall my interview and, strangely enough, enjoyed it. The only fear I had was when Dr Simon passed a file to me which contained copies of his previous secretary’s correspondence highlighting all her mistakes! Can you imagine this happening these days? Anyhow, I decided to give it a go and I thoroughly enjoyed my 10 years (1958-68) working for Dr Simon.

It soon became apparent to me that Dr Simon was quite amused by most people's reaction to him. He read people very well. I remember one incident when a male employee brought the mail into the office and he placed it on the wrong side of the desk. I can still see the 3 or 4 wicker baskets being thrown across the office!

I left Evode in 1968 to have my baby and I was so surprised at how genuinely sad Dr Simon was when I told him I would be leaving ---- he was pleased about the baby news but not that I was leaving.

During my time with Dr Simon, only one thing irritated me and that was he always blew his cigar ash across his desk onto my lap when I was taking dictation!

I returned to Evode in 1974 after spending six years at home. I first worked for Mr Vohralik for a few years (very enjoyable) and then I ended my last few years working for Mr Andrew Simon (also very enjoyable). When I first met Andrew he was still wearing short grey trousers (still at Prep School). I never dreamt I would end up being his Secretary!

Happy days!

31 January 2001