My association with Evode started in August 1963 with a long walk from the town centre to my interview for a position as Laboratory Assistant in the Research Labs. I started work about 2 weeks later.

I spent approximately 18 months there before being transferred to the Paints Control Lab where I joined Fred Waygood and Shirley Bruce in checking the products from the Paints Factory and Bitumen Department. I remember spending several Saturday mornings packing and labelling 'free samples' of Resin 'W' which had just been launched on the market.

The lab was a busy place with many happy memories of people and incidents. I met my husband through an Evode Sports & Social Club dance in July 1968. We married in October 1970 and I left to have my daughter in March 1972.

I rejoined Evode in March 1987 as Laboratory Assistant in the Quality Assurance Laboratory. I was surprised to see so many 'old faces' I'd known 15 years previously. Many of the familiar names and numbers of the adhesives and sealants remain the same today.

Many new products have been developed over the last 11 years since I rejoined.

The Q.A. Lab checks many critical raw materials coming into the Company, and performance tests mainly products for the automotive and glazing industries. At the time of writing, I'm still working at Evode.

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