1981 - I'm at Kelseal Hemel Hempstead, been there 13 years selling sticky stuff to anybody who wants it and mainly to the car manufacturing industry.

Help! I'm 44 and we're being taken over by Evode, - the Evo-Stik people - they're in Stafford - it's in the North - I've seen it sign posted on the M6.

Check my insurance - add up what I've got in terms of loot - who will want me at 44? - They certainly won't - I've seen these take-overs before - they're not even in the motor industry! Right - think positively - go along with them - could be alright for a month or two until I get fixed up - Don't panic! who's panicking - yes I was!!

Actually all was well - we were actually needed and welcomed - Evode people were actually real people and very supportive.

They really did want our business and particularly the automotive bit. They found me a 'little' odd to say the least because of my severe deficiencies in office routines, paperwork, systems etc. But I did my best and they put up with these and were pleased with the end result.

1998 - and now I'm working part time for Evode - some people say I always have - What a cheek!!

My golf is lousy - my decorating and gardening is checked by 2 forewomen - my wife and daughter. Business is good and I still have constant battles with the Ford Motor Company.

Hey Ho lucky me - Thanks to Evode and all the lovely people there.

Wow! What a tremendous change in the last 3 years I have had as ac “Consultant” - which actually means I retired with my pension on 31 December 1997 and then became self employed as a Key Account Manager which really means being a Representative looking after Fords Rover Honda Jaguar and Component Suppliers and eventually introducing two new Reps to the business who have now taken over as from 1 January 2001.

We’ve had Laporte take us over who seemed to be a get rich quick organisation and unhappy with our profit margin so sold us to Elf Atochem. They seemed happy enough with our profit margin but then merged or was it taken over with Total and so we became Bostik Findley as from 1 January 2001.

A new Managing Director came in from Bostik in 1999 and I am told he doesn’t really exist apart from E-mail's but has no personality or communication. Ah well, maybe he knows what he has to do i.e. Make profits and cut costs and people.

My communication with people in Evode has gone down and down as has the confidence of employees. Maybe I do not see things as they now have to be.

Having now actually finished I am delighted to start a new life but am sad that people are unhappy and will miss them all.

‘The King is dead - long live the King’ I will always be grateful for the money and involvement.

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