I joined the Evode Company on the 8th June 1970 as an Adhesive Mixer Operator. After two years with the Company I was asked if I would be interested in joining the Company Fire Team, which was, at that time run by a Fire Officer called Clifford Stanley, who had a tremendous knowledge of fire and Health and Safety issues.

The first two years I was given training by him and from outside connections such as Staffordshire Fire and Rescue. In those early days of the Company many fires and spillages occurred due to the lack of knowledge concerning Health and Safety, which became law in 1974. After several years within the team, I gained skills and dealt with lots of incidents, protecting personnel and plant.

When Clifford Stanley retired he was awarded the M.B.E. by the Queen for his services to the Company, his successor for his post was a man called Eric Walker; who was also very clever for the Health and Safety profession, but in 1986 found he was suffering from cancer, which eventually killed him twelve months after.

After the sad death of Eric, I was then told by the management to take care of the team until a new Health and Safety Manager could be appointed. This was to take 3 years before any appointment was made.

In 1990 a new Safety Officer was employed. Her name was Jean Embury, she came from Stoke-on Trent and was very dedicated to her profession. For nine years I worked under her as Deputy, dealing with any problems which occurred on site, which was in the last thirty years a big complex.

Jean left the Company to take a new post outside the Evode structure, leaving the post vacant again. The Company is now searching for a new person for this position, and no doubt will find one.

Apart from the involvement of the Fire Team, my main job was 30 years as an Adhesives Maker.

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