I started at Lotus on 1st January 1916. After spending two years in the clicking room I moved to the making room. After another three years I was transferred to the east block to learn bottom leather and cutting.

In 1923 Lotus decided to cut far in excess of their leather requirements, i.e. number of pairs required for Lotus own use, say 20,000 pairs per week. Numbers cut 50,000 pairs.

The soles etc. to be sorted for quality, the best quality to be used for Lotus, and the remainder to be sold to the trade. Lotus Ltd felt that they could not market the soles under the Lotus name, and so Vik Supplies was born. I was given charge of the production side of Vik Supplies until 1945 when I was transferred to the sales side, and enjoyed many happy years on the road until 1953 when leather was superseded by a substitute material.