During 1969 I was living in Sambrook in Newport where I was working at Midland Scientific, a factory making laboratory equipment. I got married to Rob on the 20th September 1969, the next day I moved to Stafford because he was working at G.E.C. , then the following day, the 22nd September I started working at Evode ~ some honeymoon! I was really pleased because I had previously been for an interview at Lotus, but when they heard that I had a disability they said that they had nothing for me, I felt that this was really unfair because they didn't know what I was capable of, but Evode were willing to give me the opportunity to prove myself. Mr. Knowles was the Personnel Manager (who had interviewed me before I got married) and he said he would put me on a two week trial - and I've been at Evode ever since!

My initial two week trial started in the Samples Department with Lil Cox and George Haywood sending samples out to industrial customers to try. I was working for Reg Moseley and Eddie Newman. In those days the lids were put onto the 5L tins by stamping them on with your foot, and on my very first day my foot went right into the product - 5080, I couldn't have picked a worse thing to get covered in! I was very shy when I joined Evode (I still am) and I got my leg pulled a lot.

I then began working in the cleaning room as I wanted a change of job. I worked with Joyce Sutton (whose father, Norman, worked as security in the Gate house). I got friendly with a woman called Cynthia Streete, we always helped each other she was from Jamaica and had a huge heart, and she called a spade a spade, she would have us in fits of laughter, she took redundancy a couple of years ago. They were great days.

I then went into Check Weighing, which was a good job for 10 years, and I really enjoyed it, it meant going round everybody, meeting the people who worked there and getting to know them. I was disappointed when they made this job redundant. But I then began working on the Illig machine (Harland & Sharp).

Now I am working in the Bitumen Department on the Harland machine and shrink wrapping.

I thoroughly enjoy my work, but Evode has changed a lot over the years, especially since the Doctor died, he was a really lovely man. He would come round the factory every Friday and he knew everyone's name, so did Barrie Liss, he often walked round and spoke to us and he always wished us a Happy Christmas. I will never forget the day the Doctor died, it was awful, I remember that we had the day off for the funeral but I didn't go to the service.

I've always enjoyed my home, but one year I remember going to one of the Evode dances at the Top of The World. It was a really good night, I think it must have been about 1970, Rane won Miss Evode competition and the Doctor was there.

I can honestly say that Evode have always found me a job to suit my disability.