In January a notification was sent to employees from Dr. Simon inviting them to consider the purchase of shares in the new company - Evode Holdings Ltd. A copy of the letter is given in {_128_}

At the request of the accountants a statement of the Net Profits derived from overseas business for the year ending September 1962 was provided and is given in {_129_} On the 6th February Warburg Registrars placed national advertisements stating that Evode Holdings Ltd had made application to the Stock Exchange for permission to deal in 1,400,000 shares of the company. A copy of this advertisement is given in {_130_}

Given in {_131_} is a copy of a press release featured in the 'Daily Express' on February 11th concerning Dr. Simon.

On the 18th March 1963 Dr. Simon addressed Senior Members of the Evode Group Management Committee stressing the importance of all management to strive for improvements of all kinds which would have an effect on the company due to trading conditions becoming more difficult. Since May 1962 a firm of consultants had been engaged in studying the organisational relationship within the company and Mr. B. Liss stated that Dr. Cabot had now completed the basic work and would address all senior personnel on his programme for the future. During September Dr. Simon presented the first report and accounts gives the Chairman's statement.

Sometime in late 1963 photographs of Glover Street were taken. The buildings were now deteriorating but the areas occupied by the polish and chemicals as well as the offices can still, in 1963 be recognised. {_133_} shows two of these photographs.

At the company's Annual Dance in December a surprise presentation was made to Dr. Simon to mark his 25th anniversary with the company. A copy of the newspaper report is given in {_134_}

During the years 1932 to 1963 the company employed many people and it is regretted that all their names can not be listed. However, a company roll of names of those who have contributed long service and are well remembered is given in {_135_}