In the Stafford Newsletter Industrial review of local factories which covers the 1961 progress of the company.

On the 7th January Mrs. H. Simon died and a copy of Mr. Forman's letter to the licensees is given here.

In a memo from Dr. Simon to Mr. B. Liss he reviewed the history of the Polish Division and the reason for withdrawing from this market. Dr. Simon stated that with the exception of one year during the war we were not able to run this division profitably in spite of the excellent quality of our polishes. We could not aspire to become a public company before having eliminated these losses. This would have required a major effort not only in marketing and selling, but also the installation of a fully automated polish manufacturing plant. We preferred to sell out rather than go into this expense in view of the highly competitive nature of polishes. Here is a copy of the announcement to English Waxes customers that Kiwi Polish company had taken over the manufacture and distribution of 'Dove' polishes. The polishing cloths were disposed of to the Prestige group. A copy of a leaflet showing the range of polishes and cloth is given here.

Prior to the application in 1963 for a Stock Exchange quotation the company's books and records were examined by accountants Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and a copy of their report is given in {_125_}

It was recorded in the 1962 Annual Report of the directors that the lease hold premises of Vik Supplies, Sandon Road were partially destroyed by fire in June. Vik Supplies operations are to be transferred to a new factory extension to be erected on some of the surplus land owned by Evode Ltd and adjacent to the present factory. The new factory (buildings and paint) is expected to cost £150,000 and should be in use by the end of 1963. A copy of the Annual Report and Accounts for the year ending September 1962 is given in {_126_}

Here is an announcement concerning new premises for Evode Industries Ltd. Swords.