On the 23rd. January Vik Supplies Ltd held a sales conference and {_115_} is a photograph of a group at their social evening. At the end of January a sales conference was held at Common Road for the Building Chemicals and Surface Coatings Divisions. In early February the Industrial Adhesives Division conference took place and {_116_} shows the social evenings which were organised for these occasions.

A copy of Dr. Simon's speech to the industrial adhesive division conference is given here.

Another event which both, Dr. Simon and Mr. Forman attended was the opening of Stafford Tool and Die Co. Ltd new factory and a newspaper report appears here.

A copy of the Industrial adhesives 1961 price list appears in {_119_}

At the end of the 1960/61 financial year Dr. Simon sent a memo to all representatives congratulating all the Sales Force who had contributed to a record year ( there were some Reps. who had not!) {_120_} shows a copy of this memo.

In late August the Surface Coatings Division moved from Glover Street to Common Road and occupied the original adhesives factory. The new adhesives factory had been completed in late July and also the Garage and maintenance buildings. Dr. Simon wrote to the Building Chemicals representatives saying that the paints division conversion and the building of a varnish kitchen had cost £15,000 and a greater effort must be now made to increase sales of paints.