At the 25th AGM Dr. Simon stated that due to the suez crises progress had been restricted and costs had risen which made a certain amount of reorganisation necessary. An extract is given in {_104_}

Mr. S.B. Knowlden joined the company in June as Export Sales Manager with an office in London. Mr. Knowlden was to be responsible for the appointment of overseas agents who would sell and distribute Evode products on a commission basis. The appointment of such agents not only increased the export revenue but also publicised the company's name and products in many countries. The combined contributions now being received from both, Licensees and agents, were a substantial part of company turnover. Shown in {_105_} is a copy of a leaflet which illustrates the growing overseas sales. In September 1958 at a general meeting a meeting of directors was held and it was proposed that the share capital of the company be increased to £200,000. See {_106_}

At a meeting of the directors held on the 17th December it was recorded that an offer be made to Lotus Ltd to purchase the balance of shares of Vik Supplies Ltd. {_107_} A photograph taken at the annual Dance of Evode and Vik Supplies is given in {_108_}

The history of Vik Supplies is available here.

Work commenced on the building of a new laboratory block. The original building used as a canteen was extended and onto this was built an upper floor. The layout of both floors is shown in {_110_}