The minutes of the 23rd Annual General Meeting held on 6th March records that Evode Industries Ltd was incorporated in Eire with a factory at Swords Co. Dublin. {_93_} The principle shareholders were - Mr A.F. Buckley 51% (Chairman). Dr. Simon Managing Director) and Mr. James and Godfrey Bostock. On the 18th April 1956 Evomastics Ltd was incorporated. In July at a Directors meeting it was resolved that capitalisation of £40,000 of the undistributed profit reserve of the company be now capitalised.

During the middle of the year the new office and laboratory building at Common Road was completed. Equipment and Personnel were transferred from Glover Street. A number of photographs of the new accommodation. The balance sheet and profit and loss account for the year ending September 1956 are given in {_95_}

It was announced in December by Lotus Ltd that VIK Supplies Ltd ( a subsidiary company) would have closer association with Evode Ltd in order to broaden its range of adhesives to the footwear industry. A copy of the announcement is given in {_96_} together with a letter Dr. Simon wrote to Mr. B.C. Preece which contains some information on the acquisition. The offices of Vik Supplies are to be moved to the new administration building of Evode Ltd at Common Road. A brief history of Vik Supplies is given below and commences in 1912 with the registration of the company known as the "Patent Non-Splitting Wood Heel Company Ltd" See {_97_} . In 1921 the name of the company was changed to Vik Heels Ltd as shown in {_98_} and concentrated on the manufacture of wooden heels, leather soles and various accessories. In September 1930 the name was subsequently changed to Vik Supplies Ltd and over the next 20 years the company steadily expanded the product range. In these early days the company was part of Lotus Chemicals Division and a wide range of rubber adhesives, solvent mixes, cleaners and activating solutions were now being introduced into the selling range. The manufacture of toe-puffs and the introduction of a range of engineering products in 1946 expanded the services to the footwear industry. Between 1946 and 1956 Vik Supplies Ltd were to use the expertise of Evode Ltd to provide shoe adhesives capable of bonding the many new resin/rubber soling products now becoming available to the footwear industry. {_99_} provides details of the terms of appointment for an Area Sales Manager appointed in 1956.