On the evening of the 7th January the Evode Annual Dinner and Dance was held at the Swan Hotel. A copy of the press release is given in {_80_} Following on from the contacts made by Dr. Simon and Mr. Beaumont in Europe over the previous 4 years five more companies signed agreements to manufacture Evode products under licence. A short history of our involvement with the licensees is given in {_80A_} On the 1st of June Evode Industries Ltd was incorporated in Eire and a copy of the press release is shown in {_81_}

The completion of two more buildings to house the manufacture of polishes and bitumen based products now allowed both sections to move up from Glover Street to Common Road. {_82_} & {_83_} show the building and completion of the bitumen factory. {_84_} shows the site development in early 1955

At an extraordinary General Meeting of the company held on the lst March it was unanimously agreed to increase the capital of the company to £100,000 by the creation of 50,000 shares of £1 each. {__85}

During 1955 the company made a number of technical staff appointments and July saw the arrival of Mr. J.H. Briant and Mr. E.A. Duligal. See {_86_} . Mr. Briant was appointed to develops a range of mastics and sealing compounds and the history of the Evode Mastics Division (to become Evomastics Ltd in 1956). Mr. Duligal was appointed to introduce a range of decorative paints and speciality coatings in order to raise the turnover and profitability of the Paints Division.

The history of the paints division is given in {_88_}

On the 1st August Mr. Vasek Vohralik joined the company as an adhesives Development Chemist and his company history is given in {_89_} . Mr. Vohralik was to greatly influence the growth of the adhesives division.

With the completion of the buildings to house the Bituminous Emulsion Plant, trials commenced on the new plant. The first of a range of bitumen emulsion products was manufactured in September. and a press release from the journal "Architectural" Design" indicates the growing use of these products abroad and is shown in {_91_}

The balance sheet and profit and loss account for the year ending September 1955 are given in {_92_}