During the latter half of 1953 building and site development at Common Road had been progressing. In the early months of 1954 progress on the erection of the new factory had now reached the stage that the transferring of adhesives production from Glover Street could take place. {_72_} is a copy of one of the many press releases and {_73_} is a photograph of the factory. The layout of the adhesives factory and the site development during 1955 and 1956 are given in {_74_} . An extract from the journal "Scope" 1955 is given in {_75_} which compares output and turnover in 1946 with that in 1955. Product advertising was also now being increased in the National Press and do-it-yourself journals. {_76_},{_77_}, &{_78_} are three of the many sales leaflets produced. The balance sheet and profit and loss account for the year ending October 1954 are given in {_79_}

In December 1954 a meeting was held at Vik Supplies to discuss a selling agreement which would be mutually beneficial to both, Evode Ltd and Vik Supplies Ltd. A copy of this selling agreement is given in {_79A_}