In January 1953 Dr. BS Jackson joined the company as a works laboratory chemist and he has written his company history and recollections of major events in {_68_} .

On the 25th March a conveyancing agreement between Evode Ltd and a Mr.T.B. Follows was signed for the purchase of 9 acres 37 perches of land for the sum of £6,500. The plot of land had been a former brickworks having two disused kilns, a brick chimney and various derelict buildings. A copy of the conveyance document is given in {_69_}

The stability Problem that had been experienced with household "Impact" adhesive had now been overcome. (See {_68_}- company history of Dr.B.S.Jackson) and Mr. E.H.Beaumont was now confident enough to create practical associations with manufacturers of laminated plastic sheeting. Thomas De La Rue, the manufacturers of "Formica" had been seeking an adhesive for bonding their laminated sheet to wood and agreed to test Evo-Stik household adhesive. After numerous practical trials, requiring many formulation changes lasting over some months, Thomas De La Rue expressed satisfaction with the product. EVO-STIK household adhesive - the Impact adhesive" as shown on the 7/- tin label now entered the domestic consumer market an the adhesive recommended for "Formica". {_70_}

By the end of 1953 appropriate packaging and sales promotional material had been organised and by agreement with Thomas De La Rue that Evo-Stik would be distributed to the retail and hardware stores using twelve major Timber Merchants. ({_71_} illustrates one of the many Formica application leaflets)