The increasing sales of the new adhesives into the shoe industry now led Dr. Simon to appoint Mr. E.H.Beaumont in September to launch these products into other industries. He had a considerable technical knowledge of adhesives and a wide experience of industrial marketing. He concentrated his activities in promoting Evode Adhesives into a wide Range of markets which embraced the motorcar, shipping, building, clothing, leather and many other industries. Mr. Beaumont also travelled to Europe to investigate adhesive requirements.

The growth of the adhesives division appears in {_89_} which gives the personal history of Mr. Vohralik who joined the company in 1955 as an adhesives development chemist.

In October 1951 Dr. Simon signed an agreement with a Dr. Egon Meyer for Evode to manufacture under license a number of specialised paints and chemicals. A number of these had been patented in Germany and in particular a metal primer which we were to call "Evoled!' was soon to give us a major advantage over our competitors. An early leaflet for "Evoled" is shown in {_65_}