At a meeting of the Directors on the 9th February Dr. Simon reported that negotiations been completed for use by the Company of offices at 10, Stratford Place, W1 as our London Office. On the 19th February English Waxes Ltd. was incorporated and by agreement with the Board of Evode Chemical Works, would from March 1st 1949 handle the sales of Polishes, Creams, Adhesives and Cements to Messrs Lotus Ltd. and its Subsidiary Companies. The certificate of incorporation is shown in {_54_} and an English Waxes Letter Heading appears in {_55_}.

At the 15th Annual General Meeting held in March Dr. Simon said that a full time Chemist had been appointed and would start his duties immediately. This was Mr. Elias Peak and his first assignment was to fly to America and sort out with Angiers what was wrong with the Adhesives Churn which we had built to their design. Mr. Peak returned with the correct Engineering Specification and a number of 250 gallon churns were constructed. As Works Chemist Mr. Peak was responsible for the production of Angiers Adhesives Formulations. However, he first had to carry out a considerable amount of laboratory work on these formulations in order to utilise raw materials available in this country. In these early days of adhesives manufacture Elias Peak was able to provide enthusiasm and an ability to improvise his way out of many difficulties which frequently occurred. His relationship with many of the workmen which he employed was unique and even today he is talked of with respect by those who had worked with him. During his time with the company he played a great part in helping to establish the Adhesives Division and Dr. B.S. Jackson and Mr. C.V. Lawton have written their recollections of Elias Peak.

Also at this meeting on the 15th March Dr. Simon reported that a Sales Manager - Mr. John Arnott - had been appointed for the Polishes Department and would commence his duties on the 1st of May. A copy of the accounts for the period to October 1948, together with a notice of the 16th Annual General Meeting is given in {_57_}

Following the cessation of hostilities Dr. Simon had been visiting the Continent to renew his contacts with business acquaintances. He was confident that Evode now had many products in its range which could be exported and it was only necessary to find enthusiastic agents who could carry out the selling and distribution. The first agent to be appointed was Mr. Tito Pereira De Sousa of Portugal and he would represent the company for the sale of Building Chemicals, particularly "Mellitol". A copy of the agreement is shown in {_58_} Dr. Simon had been aware for some time that it was important to have an office in London with a Manager who could make contact with architects and Authorities responsible for overseas contracts. The gentleman appointed to be Export Sales Manager was Mr. Eric Barnes and his aim was to ensure that companies carrying out building works overseas would include in their specifications Evode Products. Such an arrangement would work very well with the appointed overseas agents supplying the products named in the specifications {_58A_} illustrates an advertisement.