The year 1945 was significant for two important reasons. On the 1st of April a son, Andrew, was born and he was later in life to join the company and become chairman and Chief Executive of the Evode Group at the age of 35. In June 1945 the European hostilities ceased and although there were some easing of the many restrictions, the progress of the company was similar to that of 1944.

The Directors report for the year ending 1945 given in {_47_} and it will be seen that the profit for the year has shown a very acceptable increase. At a Directors meeting held on the 21st December the resignation of Mr. Clipstone, who had served as a Director and Chairman of the company since 1937, was accepted. Mr. Bainbridge, who had been appointed a Director in 1941 resigned and both gentlemen were thanked by Dr. Simon for the service they had rendered to the company, particularly during his absence in 1940/41.