At a meeting of the Directors, held on the 3rd March 1943, it was reported by Dr. Simon that the Directors had made enquiries in July 1942 regarding the purchase of a plot of land in Silkmore Lane, Stafford. It was planned to erect buildings and carry out the manufacture of products which were not permitted by the authorities in the Stone Road factory. Objections were raised by local residents and the Town Council turned down the application. The appeal by Evode was dismissed and it was therefore decided to purchase the premises at 22, Stone Road for the sum of £2000.

The company had by now settled into an existence that was totally governed by war time controls. The growth of the company was retarded to a considerable extent by raw material quotas, shortage of labour, transport restrictions to name but a few of the problems it faced. Nevertheless, Dr. Simon was keen to promote the company products and even though little or no advertising took place, he or Mr Forman contacted many customers by letter in the style shown in {_40_}

The financial position of the company at the end of 1943 was as stated by the Directors considered to be satisfactory and an increase in profits were recorded. {_41_}