In March the Share Capital was increased from £3000 to £5000 and a further interest free loan of £450 was received from Lotus Ltd. At a Directors Meeting, held in April, Mr. Forman was appointed a Director of the Company. The 5th AGM records that a further loss of £717 occurred and a Debit Balance of £3658 was carried forward.

Mr. Forman recalls that it was with considerable relief to learn from Mr. Axelrath that he had found someone who was willing to join the Company as a partner and invest some money into the company. The party in question turned out to be Dr. H. Simon and a copy of a letter from Mr. Axelrath to Mr. Forman informing him of Dr.H.Simon's expected arrival in Stafford.

Dr. Hermann Simon D.Eng.Chem., was born in Mainhardt, Germany, on the 30th Oct. 1900. The only child of a country Doctor. He studied Chemistry in Stuttgart where he gained his Doctorate in Chemical Engineering. He later became a partner in a Company in Berlin which manufactured products for Building Construction and Industry. His career in Germany was cut short by the increasing difficulties of living under Nazi persecution and in 1938 he emigrated to Great Britain with his wife and two daughters. Due to German exchange control restrictions Dr. H. Simon left Germany with very little money and was only able to take out certain household goods and his car.