Considerable difficulties were being experienced in paying invoices to Suppliers for Waxes, Tins, Solvents etc. and with the Bank Overdraft above £500 the company's existence became precarious. The Bostock Family felt, that unless Mr. Axelrath was forthcoming with more money, the business could not continue.

The great difficulty for Mr. Axelrath was however, that due to currency restrictions by Germany at that time, he was not allowed to send money out of the country. Fortunately Mr. Axelrath found a way of having a little money transferred to England, mainly through Business Associates, and this became the life blood of the company. Because of censorship of mail, both to and from Germany, no reference to money transactions could be made in correspondence and so Mr. Axelrath and Mr. Forman devised a code which could be used in letters and Pounds Sterling became "Tins".

The letter from Mr. Axelrath to Mr. Forman dated March 1936 would therefore indicate that two lots of £25 were sent by him to Mr. Fred Bostock for use by the company.