Like most of the industries in Stafford, EVODE LTD owes its origins to the Footwear Industry which offered a natural outlet for shoe polishes. The forerunner of Evode Ltd was Spic and Span Shoe Polishes Ltd which was registered as a company on the 3rd June 1932. It was formed through the association of Lotus Ltd with a Mr. A. Axelrath who was the Managing Director of one of the largest Polish Manufacturers in Germany at that time - Yankee Polish G.m.b.H. of Hamburg. Mr. A. Axelrath had interested Lotus Ltd in the idea of having shoe polish manufactured locally in their own town and sold to their own shops - Lotus & Delta as well as other retail outlets. Premises in Glover Street were rented which had previously housed the early Lotus Shoe manufacturing activities and old Polish Manufacturing Plant no longer required by Mr. Axelrath in Germany were transferred to Stafford.

The first meeting of the Directors was held on the 24th June 1932 and the principle Share Holders were various members of the Bostock Family, Lotus Ltd, Mr.A. Axelrath, Mr. H. Jolles and Mr. G.G. Niclas. The nominal Share Capital was £1000 comprising 1000 fully paid £1 shares. {_3_} Mr. Frederick M. Bostock was appointed Chairman of the Company and at a Directors Meeting held on the 20th July 1932 it was resolved that an application be made for the registration of the word and representation of a "DOVE".