Histories Introduction

From time to time numerous histories of the company have been written for puposes such as inductions for new personell, visiting diginaries and for marketing literature.

Many of these have been included together with histories produced by associated companies.

The first official history of the company was written by Cyril Lawton in 1986.

Cyril Lawton who was Dr Simon's first and longest serving employee retired in 1986 and was commissioned by Andrew Simon to produce a Linear History of the first 30 years of the company beginning in 1932 until it became a public company in 1963.

The linear history was produced with reference to documents which had been carefully stored by Barrie Liss. The monumental task of reading and editing 30 years of company history was finally completed and presented to Andrew Simon in 1990.

Dave Ward had sight of ths document and decided that with the help of Carol Lake and many other volunteers that the linear history could be turned into a more detailed document and become the basis of a publication on the HISTORY OF EVODE.