Volume I

July, 1964

Number 2



YES ! Without a doubt we can claim that the Evodian No. 1 was a successful launch and we are well and truly in orbit as an " industrial publication". The interest created not only in our own Group of Companies but from our associates and friends in all parts of the world has been very gratifying to all members of the editorial staff and will prove a spur to greater efforts. We reproduce a few of the comments for the interest of our readers.

Our picture shows the Editorial Committee examining the first edition of "The Evodian" as it comes off the press.

Left to right are: Mr. J. W. Bird Editor, Dr. B. S. Jackson, Mr. G. H. Turner, Mr. R Arrowsmith (Director, R. W. Hourd & Sons Ltd., our printers), Mr E. Peak and Mr. S. Fenton, Foreman of the Printing Machine Dept

BERMUDA Associates - Island Engineering
"The Evodian is a very interesting magazine and should certainly help to stimulate trade."

AUSTRALIA - Laminex Industries
"Thanks for the two copies of The Evodian ; these have been read with great interest and are now being circulated around our staff offices and factory. We congratulate you on this publication and wish it every success."

U.S.A. - Kenway, Jenney and Hildreth, Counsellors at Law, Boston, Mass.
"I should like to be recorded in The Evodian as a long time friend of Evode which I can remember in the days when it was represented by no more than a garage and three men. You (Dr. Simon) have a personally won accomplishment to your credit in building the organisation to an international scale - with congratulations and very warm regards."

ITALY - Fratelli Zucchini, Milan
" The Evodian is a very nice paper and we have enjoyed ourselves very much in reading the various articles and the interesting information regarding your works and activities."

FAR EAST - Henry W. Peabody (Industrial) Ltd.
" I have been most interested to receive a copy of the first issue of The Evodian. Please allow me to congratulate you on its production and on the continued success of your company."

HOLLAND - N. V. Industriele Maatschappij Simson
" Will you please in future let us have twelve copies of The Evodian so that we can distribute them amongst our representatives and technical staff."

EIRE - Buckleys Motors Ltd., Dublin 1
"Issue No. 1 of The Evodian is very interesting reading - one cannot get ahead of Evode."

THAILAND - Loxley (Bangkok) Limited
Thank you for the copy of your new House Magazine " The Evodian" which we read with much interest.

THE UNITED KINGDOM Greatway Holidays Ltd., Dorset, Mr. D. J. Hartley-Brown
"Congratulations on the first edition of The Evodian which I read with great interest. I am sure that this type of publication greatly increases the interest of all concerned in the organisation."

Wm. Brookes & Martin (Chartered Patent Agents) London
"The Evodian is obviously written with spirit and humour and will, I feel, have considerable impact on its readers. May I wish the staff of The Evodian every success in the future."

District Bank Ltd., Stafford
"Thank you for the copy of the No. 1 issue of The Evodian which I have read with interest. I would like to congratulate the editorial board both on their enterprise and the high quality of their products."

The Fiturite Rubber Co. Ltd., Manchester
"The first issue of The Evodian is most impressive and I do sincerely hope that it is the first of many."

Stafford Winfield Cook & Partners "Just a brief note to say how impressed we were with the first issue of The Evodian. We should like to congratulate you on a fine effort and wish you every success with its future publication."


" I am prepared to wager that this newcomer is here to stay, if the standard achieved in the first number is maintained. Not only is the quality of paper excellent with consequent excellent reproduction of pictures, but the contents are attractively presented. I would offer just one suggestion to the Editor. Why not more headings with the short notes in your ' Divisional Round Up'? I bid The Evodian welcome and I congratulate the house from which it comes."

(Suggestion noted with thanks - Ed.)

"The Evodian, the first issue of the quarterly journal of Evode Ltd., has recently been published. This well-produced, friendly magazine touches on a variety of subjects from jazz to gliding, apart from social news and events, company policies and practices." Space restrictions will not allow the printing of extracts from all the press notices or letters received. We have therefore made a random choice and sincerely hope that we do not offend by omissions.


At the Annual General Meeting of the British Rubber and Adhesive Manufacturers' Association held on 14th May, Dr. H. Simon was elected Chairman for the 1964-65 period.

On behalf of all employees The Evodian extends sincere congratulations to Dr. Simon.

Did you know ?

That the Romans used concrete 2,000 years ago and that the size of some of their works has never been exceeded.

That Evode Mellitol (30 years old) improves every property of concrete - makes it stronger, last longer.

That the word MASTIC comes from the Greek word MASTICE, a resin exuding from a Mediterranean evergreen tree.

That Evo-Stik "Impact" Adhesive is used by surgeons to secure loose skin to a sheet of metal in skin-grafting operations. The adhesive is thinned with ether to provide the right consistency. (The Royal College of Science and Technology, Glasgow).

Front Page Smile

Three little ink spots were crying. Their mother was in the pen and they didn't know how long the sentence would be.

It looks as though our Director, Mr. E. H. Beaumont (right), is engaged in an obscure form of Indian wrestling with heavy backers on either side urging on the respective combatants. He is in fact helping to demonstrate for the benefit of the press the remarkable flexibility and bond strength of polysulphide sealants, at a press conference organised by the Sealants Manufacturers' Conference of the F.B.R.A.M., of which Mr. E. H. Beaumont has recently been elected Vice-Chairman.