By Dr BS Jackson

This is a brief account of the development of the internal publication "Evode Group----News Circular".

On several occasions the Board of Evode employed consultants to keep us on the straight and narrow of management and administration development. A suggestion arising from one of these confrontations was the notion of developing an in-house organ of communication that would involve all employees.

Yours truly was "invited" by the Board to get this off the ground and the first No. aptly called No. 1 leapt off the press in July 1968. So that the news would not be too stale the aim was to make it a monthly issue which with only one or two exceptions was maintained during my Editor ship. The methodology was first of all to let the senior management of the individual companies know that the idea originated from and had the support of "top management" and that the Main Man was taking a personal interest in it. Then in co-operation with the individual M.D's reporters for each company were designated and the Editor sent them an aide memoire at the start of each month. The contents of the replies were edited and produced in a form suitable for manual reproduction and distribution at the end of the month; the administration was quite quickly taken up by Mrs M Daly (nee Bird) who was my secretary.

An element of competition soon entered into the provision of news about the achievements of the individual companies and an interest in the way in which it was presented.

For example the original " Masthead" was a single line of upper case typescript but by issue 7 this had been changed to a more distinctive and eye catching outline heading which was changed to a two colour print produced "in-house" mentioned in issue 19 but alas a false alarm - see issue 20. Photographic illustration was also used almost from the beginning , the quality of reproduction making a quantum leap when our own printing facility started up.

The original intention was to play it straight and keep to commercial items only but gradually social items began to be included--see issue 23. The editorial policy was to report items from each and every company in each issue and such was the support that this target was only missed on two occasions. The Editor had a very free hand on reporting style and this shows!! By and large the exercise showed the willingness of a population to co-operate in a project in which they felt involved and where their contributions were acknowledged.