Background on India Licensees.

1. Introduction

1.1 The sub-continent of India was very keen to establish industry following the transfer of rule.

1.2. However, mindful that it was always in need of investment and very loathe to allow the export of funds to a foreign country, the terms which it imposed on any company which wished to enter into a licensee agreement were very strict and prohibitive.

1.3. Many years before Evode reached agreement to establish a licensee in India there had been correspondence with other companies and draft agreements had been drawn up without result.

1.4. The negotiations with the company ultimately appointed as an Indian licensee were protracted because of the conditions described above.

1.5. Very little exists in these files to indicate the amount of royalty paid to Evode Ltd. but the correspondence suggests that the Indian Government used many arguments to delay, if not avoid, paying to Evode what was due.

1.6. It is evident that the licensee wanted to co-operate with Evode Ltd. from an early stage to extend its manufacturing capability in order to improve its technology and increase its profits.

1.7. From these exchanges of letters it is clear that the methods which were in place in India were very different from those which existed in England and Europe.

1.8. Evode entered into a situation with this company which required a beginning from scratch with regard to the manufacture of adhesives not only with regard to raw materials used but also to educating businesses in the use of new products.

2. Sources.

2.1. The information on the association between Lloyd Bitumen Products Private Ltd. is contained in seven files.

2.2. D5189/4/3/23 is deposited in Stafford Records Office and contains correspondence in February 1974.

2.3. D5189?4/3/24 is deposited in Stafford Records Office and is a mixture of formulae and correspondence from September 1971 to June 1973.

2.4. D5189/4/3/25 is deposited in Stafford Records Office and is a report by G. Phillip on his visit to Stafford in November 1967.

2.5. D5189/4/3/26 is deposited in Stafford Records Office and contains formulae used by Lloyd Bitumen.

2.6. File No.5 contains agreements between Evode Ltd. and Lloyd Bitumen dated autumn 1965 and amended in November 1965, March 1967, November 1967, April 1970 and December 1971.

2.7. File No.6 contains correspondence between July 1963 and July 1969.

2.8. File No.7 contains correspondence between March 1970 and January 1977.