References to Furniglas Ltd.

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D5189/3/18 Furniglas Ltd
D5189/1/5/1/20 (1978-1979) File containing annual report and accounts for the year ending Sep 1978 copy of The Evodian Feb 1979 internal notice re acquisition of Furniglas Ltd and press cuttings.
D5189/1/14/1/4 (1966-1986) Bundle containing 11 copies of Industrial Contact a magazine produced by the Industrial Division copies of Impact the newspaper of the Industrial Adhesives division 1966-1970 one copy of a newsletter containing extracts from the press re Evo-Stik Furniglas and Mole products 1982 the first copy of The Evodian - annual report to employees 1977.
D5189/2/1/3/21 (1970-1989) Bundle of brochures and press cuttings promoting Evode Furniglas and Mole products.
D5189/3/18 Furniglas Ltd This company was incorporated on 15 February 1957 and manufactured wood finishing materials such as varnishes dyes and polishes. It was acquired by Evode Holdings Ltd in April 1978. In September 1983 Evode acquired the Spinnaker brand of yacht varnish from the Leyland Paint and Wallpaper Co. This product was to be manufactured at Stafford to complement the Furniglas range. See:
D5189/2/1/3/21 for brochures for Furniglas products and also:
D5189//2/2/l0 for correspondence and formulae re the Spinnaker brand of yacht varnish.
D5189/3/18/2 (1977-1978) File containing correspondence and counsels opinion re dispute with Dussek Bros Canada Ltd over a consignment of varnish supplied by Furniglas in 1977 which was allegedly sub-standard.