References to Evo-France

D5189/3/13 Evo-France This company was incorporated on 25 May 1971 by Dia-Prosim who were Evodes licensees in France. They wished to relinguish their licence and sell Evo-France to Evode as a sales company initially with an option to manufacture at a later date. Evode proposed sharing the purchase with Industriele Maatschappij Simson BV their Dutch licensees but these negotiations fell through and Evode eventually bought all the shares in 1972. The company was no longer operational in 1981.
D5189/3/13/1 (1971) File containing articles of association in French and English and correspondence with Evode Ltd Industriele Maatschappij Simson BV and solicitors re the formation of Evo-France and the proposed purchase by Evode and Simson.
D5189/3/13/2 (1972) File containing correspondence with Evode Ltd. Dia-Prosim Simson and solicitors re the purchase of Evo-France from Dia-Prosim.
D5189/3/16 Societe Chimique- - EMFI -- Evode Holdings (Overseas) Ltd purchased an 80% share in this French company in 1976. It manufactured industrial adhesives and was purchased in order to manufacture and distribute Evode products. It was also intended that it should complement the activities of Evo-France. A year after Evode purchased this company it increased its share holding to 90% but by 1979 it had begun to disinvest and had reduced its share holding to 10%.
D5189/4/3/14 for technical information on products.