About Us

The purpose of the Evode History Project is to provide a record of the Evode Company from its origins in The 1930's to its acquisition by The Laporte company in 1993.

During this period the company gained world recognition for its technical innovation in the field of Adhesives where its development of contact adhesives made a significant contribution to D.I.Y. culture and changes in traditional manufacturing processes particularly in the shoe,furniture, building and motor industries.

The Evode History Project was the foresight of two Evode employees, Dave Ward and Carol Turner. It is based on a linear History meticulously constructed by Cyril Lawton who was the first assistant to Dr. Simon and also the company's longest serving employee.

The project has taken a team of volunteers, whose names I give below, twelve years to produce. All the documents and other material they have used have been deposited with Staffordshire County Archives.

I would like to thank all of them:

Barrie Liss (one time Joint Managing Director Evode group of Companies )