History of Evode '25' Club 1980

At the dinner held on 16th May in 1980 at Tillington Hall
10 new members were admitted to the club.

  1. Frank Harrison was an operative in the adhesives churn room and also gardener to Dr Simon

  2. Harold Matthews was the Group Cost Accountant.

  3. John Sandalowicz was a member of the team responsible for site cleanliness

  4. Jack Linnell an Honorary member was Head of Finance for Evode Holdings

  5. Eric Klepacki was a Supervisor in Flashband Packing.

  6. Arthur Greatholder was responsible for the preparation and making up of various samples

  7. Sim Taylor was appointed Regional Contracts Manager in Evode Roofing Ltd.

  8. Alwyn Loft was the General Manager (South) for Evode Roofing Limited.

  9. Oliver Duffy was the General Manager (North) of Evode Roofing Limited.

  10. Dan Wojtulewicz, not pictured, worked in the building chemicals production area