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The purpose of the Evode History Project is to provide a record of the Evode Company from its origins, at Stafford in 1932, until its acquisition by  The Laporte company in 1993.

In the early 1950's Thomas de la Rue launched 'Formica' laminates into the retail market. These decorative sheet laminates were used to cover white wood furniture such as table tops etc. The adhesive used had to be quick setting and easy to apply. After extensive testing Thomas De La Rue approved the use of Evo-Stik. This resulted in the establishment of EVODE products into the DIY market.

The buildings shown here were the Company offices in 1946 at Glover Street.
Dr Simon's office was on the far right of the upper floor which also had desks for Mr JJE Forman and the secretaries. The single storey brick building was also an office for the company secretary. The coloured patches on the walls were experimental paint formulations applied by Mr CV Lawton to test their durability.
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